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Runtime: 18:44


A late-night conversation with an oracle launches a young Brooklyn woman on a quest to slay a vampire. Courtney Bush, Will Carington, and Jake Goicoechea present “Rejoice in the Lamb,” a horror-comedy hybrid where bits of spookiness surround a suspicious new addition to a friend group. Late in the evening, V.H. goes for a jog in Prospect Park where she’s suddenly encountered by a self-proclaimed oracle. Although his presence seems questionable, V.H. tells him a disturbing story about her long-time friend, Katie, having been lured by a charismatic/creepy new “friend.” She is now missing. With its layered flashbacks and ensemble cast of NoBudge regulars (Jane Stiles, Michelle Uranowitz, Jake Goicoechea, Richard Perez), the film is a fresh take on oracle/vampire tropes that cleverly unfolds as a complex portrait of friendship, envy, and bad vibes. The directing trio of Bush, Carington, and Goicoechea has a long history with NoBudge going back to 2016 with their debut short, “Marilyn Monroe's School For French Girls,” followed by “Kim Bush’s Abduction” in 2018 and “The Woodpecker” in 2021. -JM. Written and directed by: Courtney Bush, Will Carington, and Jake Goicoechea. Cast: Courtney Bush, Payton Barronian, Jane Stiles, Michelle Uranowitz, Jake Goicoechea, Richard Perez, and Fredgy Noël. DP: Charlotte Dupré. Producers: Rozz Therrien and Anne-Louise Brittain. Editor: Erin DeWitt. Composer: Ali Helnwein.

World Premiere SBIFF 

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