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Erin DeWitt moved to New York in 2012 from Seattle, WA, to pursue a career in film editing. She graduated from The School of Visual Arts in 2016 with an achievement of Best Editing in her class. That same year she worked as assistant editor on the film Good Time directed by Josh and Benny Safdie. She has worked with director Oscar Boyson for the past several years in Manhattan and her editorial work to date includes short films, features, commercial projects and music videos. She has worked on campaigns for TUMI, DKNY, LOEWE, Grey Goose, and others. 


Her past projects include an episode for Chillin Island on HBO, Italian Studies directed by Adam Leon, Funny Pages directed by Owen Kline, Bad Actor: A Hollywood Ponzi Scheme directed by Joslyn Jenson that will premiere at the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival. She has recently completed work on Stress Positions directed by Theda Hammel starring John Early, Amy Zimmer, Qaher Harhash, Rebecca F. Wright, Faheem Ali, John Roberts, Davidson Obennebo and Gordon Landenberger. She is currently working on Concessions directed by Mas Bouzidi starring Steven Ogg, Greg Roman, Ivory Aquino, Nate Odenkirk, Josh Hamilton, and Michael Madsen.


In addition to her feature work, Erin has edited three upcoming short films. A vampiric comedy Rejoice in the Lamb directed by Courtney Bush, Will Carington, and Jake Goicoechea, Dance directed by Evan Hendersen starring Pura Fé and Lost Nation directed and starring Hannah Cabell.


Erin has also co-wrote and edited a short film entitled Power Signal with Oscar Boyson that premiered at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival and many other festivals this summer. She is working on developing the feature length script with Oscar and writer Ricky Camilleri. In her spare time, she likes to chop movies together for fun.

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